Diletta Scaruffi Director

I’m an illustrator/designer with a passion for creating unique, whimsical characters and illustrations.
I aim to create artworks that are both eye-catching and have a story behind them, utilising bold aesthetics, continuous


Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects for major brands such as Timberland, Furla, and Ermanno Scervino. I am particularly proud of the work I have done for Verso AR, although in general, it is difficult for me to choose a favorite project because every time I participate in a new project, I leave a part of myself in it.

I am a plant lover, and when I'm not looking at memes, I enjoy spending time petting animals, even if some of them may be venomous.

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Diletta Scaruffi Director
Concept Development
The New Fragrance Collection
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