Daniele Gavatorta Director

I consider myself an explorer. I have searched for and continue to search for aesthetic value in the world. Everything possesses an aesthetic value that deserves to be extracted, isolated, and told, whether it be a tragic event in someone's life or a pair of rubber sneakers. In other words, I would define myself as a Visual Designer based on this axiom: "sexy with meaning." The two things must go together, otherwise, we are either talking about pornography or something extremely boring. With all due respect for pornography.
Over the years, I have realized that everything I create derives from all the actions, words, and people I have encountered in my life. I draw from what has shaped my way of seeing the world, from spirituality, dreams, the wilderness, and a deep nostalgia, often from something I have not actually experienced. That is why I believe so much of my work always contains remnants of the pre-digital era, where analog imperfections and craftsmanship made everything more unique and human.
My motto is "observe the past and learn how to shape the future."


In my projects, I strive to reflect these values: a human-centric approach, timeless design (avoiding trends), meaningful concepts, and bold communication.
I have never searched for my own style, even though I can say that over the years, an image that I can identify with has emerged. That is why my projects embrace a wide range of techniques and languages, from the use of graphic design, typography, mixed media, traditional animation, and photography. Even in a digital environment, I always try to de-digitalize what I do, to make my projects more alive and unique.
To this day, I consider myself fortunate to be able to direct projects in the studio I have started with my partners. A studio full of talented people that continues to grow and amaze me every day. I have been in the market for more than 15 years and can say that I have worked for the world's biggest brands, grown professionally in a formidable network like Fox International Channels, and directed a short film about Charles Bukowski selected at the Annecy Festival, plus dozens of notebooks full of ideas that I don't think I'll ever have time to realize.
I love dioramas, Christmas, and the color pink. And I hate astrology.

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Daniele Gavatorta Director
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Far East Film Festival
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