Dalila Rovazzani  Director

I consider myself an author who loves immersing herself in creating projects from scratch, as well as appreciating the more artisanal aspects of the production process.
I am passionate about 2D animation, a world that embraces hand-drawn art. I adore the instinctive, messy, and untamed strokes that emerge from a free gesture.

My mind feeds on stories that I read and watch, without placing limits on my interests.
I believe that the creative act gives birth to a game or a dialogue with those who experience it.
Irony and surrealism are my ideal travel companions, perfectly complementing the expressive nature of animation, probably because as a child I loved talking to inanimate objects, considering them my friends.


Among my successes, my graduation film, "Arithmetique," was selected for the ANIMAZIONI collection, a contemporary anthology of the best Italian authorial works.
Additionally, I had the privilege of contributing as an illustrator to the best-selling books "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girl" volumes 1 and 2. More recently, I directed the opening sequence commissioned by RAI for the World Cup, which won the DIGITAL DESIGN AWARD as the PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2022.

I am made of adventures, scars, and a healthy dose of creative madness.

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Dalila Rovazzani  Director
Xmas Party
Techno Alpin
Arianna e Barbablù
Good Night stories for Rebel Girls
vol 1 & 2
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