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Tv8 Brand

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SKY Italia teamed up again with us, to launch its new free-to-air channel.

Surrounded by the other mainstream competitors, the main goal was to achieve a strong recognizability in this crowded positioning, with a pop but forward looking design.

At a glance, the audience perceived this new channel immediately, with its courageous black and white palette and its bold typography, even if accustomed to a completely different language.

Extra info:
© Sky Italia S.r.l

Bold, distinctive, black & white

We wanted to build a brand with a strong personality. Pop but with elegance.

Creative Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero

Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Alessandro Durando
Sky Terrestrial Channels Director:
Antonella D'Errico
Client's Director and creative supervisor:
Costanza Bombarda

Client's Art Director:
Leonardo Mannella
Original Music:

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