Sex is a vision,
a daydream fantasy.


The Body of Sex

— programme titles

The Body of Sex is a series of sophisticated reportage, through the eyes of different directors, to describe the contemporary habit of sex around the world.

For this tv special of SKY Italia network CIELO, we developed the open titles with an elegant depiction of sex and taboos.

Extra info:
© Sky Italia S.r.l

Playful animations in a surreal environment.

Creative Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Daniele Gavatorta
Alessandro Durando
Sky Terrestrial Channels Director:
Antonella D'Errico

Client's Director & Creative Supervisor:
Costanza Bombarda
Beck - Emergency Exit
Writer(s): Michael S. Simpson, John Robert King
Copyright: Dust Brothers Music, Universal Music Corp.

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