Am I real?


TEDx Sydney 2020

— Ident

We were among some of the most talented creative studio in the world to create one of the ident for the TEDx Sydney 2020, the largest TEDx in the southern hemisphere – and one of the largest worldwide. We were inspired by the concept of “reality” and how its meaning is gradually blurring nowadays.


What makes something real? What separates reality from fiction? What is real history or news and what is imagined – or even propaganda?

When we think about the word “real”, we might agree that there are firm facts, an axiom, or certain things that are obviously true. That the grass is green and the sky blue – even though we know there are a thousand shades in between.

The truth of the matter is under the microscope, and what’s “real” is debated every day, from politics, to climate change, to economics, and even the nature of the universe. How can we shape, challenge or change the way we think or how we behave? How can we understand our reality and who we are?

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Ted X Sydney

We can probably agree on at least one real fact: knowing what’s real has never been more important.


Creative Directors:
Daniele Gavatorta, Lorenzo Levrero

Art Direction:
Giacomo D'Ancona, Dalila Rovazzani
Animation Director:
Dalila Rovazzani
Character Design:
Francesca De Toni, Giacomo D'Ancona
Dalila Rovazzani, Giulia Manna, Francesca De Toni
Sound & Music
Audio Producer:
Jake Merrit
TEDx Sydney Idents
Curated & Produced by Substance
Scott Geersen

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