We can be heroes
for ever and ever


Salva il pianeta diventa un eroe

— Mini Series

David Bowie once said we can be heroes, just for one day.

Now we’re all being called on to play this role every day. The planet needs us, and we can help it by making small but significant gestures, every day, to improve the environment around us.

This is why it is vital for children, who are our future, to also grow up with a new awareness, one that is focused on protecting our home.

With “Save the planet, become a hero”, an animated mini series of 10 episodes, we wanted to tell children about important issues, suggesting how they can adopt a greener lifestyle, at trap rhythm.

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Executive Creative and Art Direction:
Daniele Gavatorta

Executive Producer:
Diego Pizziconi
Giacomo D'ancona
Giulia Manna
Daniele Gavatorta
Giulia Manna
Francesca De Toni
Giulia Martinelli
Viola Girbaudo
Matteo Maddalone

Ted Bee

Production & Mix:
Bravagente Audio
Bravagente Audio feat Ric de Large

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