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Reptv News is a news format curated by editor Repubblica / L’Espresso in collaboration with LaEffe.

The network needed a strong multi platform brand capable of converging the web based digital content with a more traditional tv format.

The main purpose of the network was to offer a new language and experience to the audience, using an innovative graphic style inspired by the user experience design on mobile devices.

The design process started with some simple rules: readability, functionality, fluidity and elegance. The brand developed around these keystones, with a strict layout, a strong typographic style and a contemporary color schemes.

Extra info:
© Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso
Nerdo Studio - Repubblica - RepTv

Anatomy of a magazine:

we started analyzing the newspaper and then we organized the contents as a magazine, with the on-line-feeling and different levels of depth in the navigation flow.

Creative Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Daniele Gavatorta
Alessandro Durando
Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Deputy Director:
Angelo Aquaro
Director General Digital Department Gruppo Espresso:
Pier Paolo Cervi
Art Director:
Angelo Rinaldi

Danilo Chirico

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