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Nike Yoga

— Animations

Why yoga is so important for sport?

For the release of their Yoga line, Nike asked some of the greatest US sport personalities to answer this question: Christen Press, Khalil Mack, Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Love and Channing Frye.

And we had the chance to create the animations for their interviews, highlighting how yoga changed their mind and their performances on the field.

We loved to study their characters, the yoga positions and how to combine them with the sport sequences.

So now, take a deep breath, clear your thoughts, focus on the bright colour palette and let yourself flow in the animation of this director’s cut video.

By the way, some of us also did some asanas to hep illustrators design the yoga scenes perfectly, but (un)fortunately there are no backstage videos for that.

Extra info:
© Nike

Learn how your body move into space

When you’re feeling good and your mind is free you give yourself a better chance to perform at a high level.

Creative and Art Direction:
Daniele Gavatorta
Diego Pizziconi
Dalila Rovazzani
Giacomo D'Ancona
Quiroga Facundo
Juan Nadalino
Patricio Plaza
Executive Producer:
Mike Holm
Agency: Born & Broad
Executive Producer:
Ramon Broza
Creative Director:
Eugene Serebrennikov

Sound deisign for director's cut montage:

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