MTV Music Week

— Event Identity

The MTV Music Week is a top-notch pop event that anticipates the big show of the MTV EMA.

In one week, the city hosting the EMA is filled by music and every corner of the street becomes the main stage for live performances and dj sets.

Music is the heart of the event, and has the power to move the MTV’s people, inviting them to go down on the streets and invade the city with joy, passion and fun.

To represent this cheerful invasion we used an ultra-pop iconography with bright colours, irregular shapes, rough illustrations and optical patterns.

Extra info:
MTV Spain
© Viacom Inc.

The energy of music in colours

Creative and Art Direction:
Daniele Gavatorta
Lorenzo Levrero
Diego Pizziconi
Claudia Losini
Motion graphics:
Daniele Gavatorta
Lorenzo Levrero
Riccardo Chiara
Agency: Viacom
Creative Director Viacom:
Luca Dusio

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