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MotoGp™ 2014

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Sky ITALIA free-to-air network CIELO asked us to radically re-think the visual imagery of their Live Program MotoGP™.

The result is a fast-paced and thrilling piece, that cleverly combines live action footage with cel animation.

It shortly became a viral sensation with its echo of the anime and manga world.

Extra info:
© Sky Italia S.r.l
Creative and Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Daniele Gavatorta
Alessandro Durando
Additional animators:
Eleonora Bertolucci
Fabio Ramiro Rossin
Dylan Spears
Sky Terrestrial Channels Director:
Antonella D'Errico

Client's Director & Creative Supervisor:
Costanza Bombarda

Client's Art Director:
Leonardo Mannella
Director’s Cut Music:
Enertic Ft. Ju! – C – Pump Up The Bass (Original Mix) by Enertic, Ju!-c – Get Nasty Records

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