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Mafia Bunker

— identity

This time we peeked into the Mafia lifestyle, hiding ourselves in the underground bunkers of southern Italy to take a closer look into the places where the mobsters live.

We came up with a teaser and an opening titles for the 90 minutes documentary produced by Stand By Me, Lion Tv Uk, Fox International and BBC called “MAFIA BUNKER” on air on History Channel and BBC.

Get a glimpse of our guided tour into this hidden world.

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”

Extra info:
History Channel
© FOX International Channel

We wanted to explore the symbolism and the places where the criminals stay hidden before getting caught.

Creative & Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Daniele Gavatorta
Alessandro Durando
Client Art Director:
Mauro Zinni
Federico Pascali
Rocco Centrella

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