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Giro d'Italia 2021

— Promo

24 teams, 184 riders, 21 stages, 3450 kilometers.
“Giro D’Italia” is one of the most important world cyclist competitions. The race passes through different cities and crosses countrysides, hills and slopes, celebrating the heritage of a sport with more than 100 years of history in Italy.
This is an event that moves a huge amount of fans, both cyclist enthusiasts and sport addicts, an event that has a glorious past of undertakings, Gimondi and Mercks, Coppi and Bartali, the legendary Girardengo and Pantani, are just a few examples of this great history.

Rai involved us in the production of the 2021 add, in which we decided to use a style that merges vintage with modern cycling. We wanted to combine the idea of the epic effort of a cyclist during the competition, an effort against himself and the obstacles of the environments, with a vibrant and energetic pop aesthetic that enhances the action.

Extra info:

The suggested visual key is a reinterpretation of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, a very strong quote of the late 60s/early 70s glorious years.

Creative Direction:
Daniele Gavatorta

Letizia Saponaro

Daniele Gavatorta
Dalila Rovazzani
Giulia Manna
Erik Righetti
Daniele Gavatorta
Daniele Gavatorta
Rai Tv
Creative Director:
Roberto Bagatti
Responsabile Coordinamento e Monitoraggio Brand:
Eva Pierdominici
The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun (1964)

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