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Bundesliga Trailer 2020

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“A football team represents a way of being, a culture.”

If you love football, you’ll know exactly what Michel Platini meant by this.

This winter we had the honour of showcasing the uniqueness of German clubs in this Bundesliga trailer intended for broadcasters around the world.

The concept is simple and straightforward: Bundesliga is where the colours, teams, players and crazy fans fuse together into a unique passion for the game. Our trailer describes in a minute the multiple facets of the Bundesliga’s ecosystem.

Working closely with the Bundesliga creative team has resulted in an edit that’s bursting with energy, with a contemporary style where text and graphics blend with carefully selected, highly expressive and engaging video material.

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“A football team represents a way of being, a culture.”

— Michel Platini

Bundesliga Team

Head of creative Services:
Juan Pablo Kessler
Executive Creative Direction:
Thomas Markert
Nerdo Team

Creative Director:
Daniele Gavatorta
Diego Pizziconi
Editing & Graphic Production:
Daniele Gavatorta
Alessandro Durando
Giacomo D'Ancona
Music & sound design:

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