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Borgo Vecchio Factory

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Borgo Vecchio Factory is a creative painting workshop for kids which has changed the face of Borgo Vecchio, a historical area in the middle of Palermo (Sicily), where people lives in condition of marginality.
The film and the project are promoted by non-profit organisations: through a crowdfunding campaign, they set up a six-month cycle of creative painting workshops for children of the Borgo Vecchio neighbourhood, where unemployment reaches 40% and access to education is extremely low. The neighbourhood is hit by social unrest, due to an absence of public services and high crime rates.
Now, thanks to donors and artists from all over the world, it has become an open-air museum.

Borgo Vecchio Factory (26min / 35 min).

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Cel animation
The Piranesi Experience
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Borgo Vecchio Factory is a creative painting workshop for kids.

Creative & Art Direction:
Lorenzo Levrero
Riccardo Chiara
Cecilia Petrucci
Documentary Director:
Claudio Esposito

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