What happens behind closed doors of other universes?

You can't even imagine.

It's the app that allows you to travel into the multiverse directly from your smartphone. Each door hides a surreal world, crazy characters, hilarious gags and much more.

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How it

If your day is getting a little dull, open Verso AR and discover what's hiding on the other side of the gate. All you have to do is to pick a multidimensional door, place it in your living room, in the middle of the park or in the center of the dancehall and walk up to it until it opens. You can't imagine what you'll find on the other side. Snoop around the rooms and, if you're brave, step forward and cross the portal for an immersive experience.

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In Verso AR you will find a set of multidimensional doors that bring you into unique worlds and themes. Periodically the app will be expanded with new sets, expertly designed and animated by the creative talents of our team, to make your journey never the same.

Don't worry, push notifications will alert you to new portals releases-so you'll never miss out on new sets!

Proudly by

Verso AR was conceived, designed and developed by Nerdo, an award winning creative studio, who wanted to test their animation and design skills in the field of augmented reality. Let us know what you think about it! We'd like to have your advice to improve our products.