With more than a decade of experience, we tackle complex demands with award winning solutions.

Nerdo is a global creative studio specialized in identity, direction and animation.

We write, direct and produce wonderfully crafted stories, helping clients to build strong and highly distinctive visual identities and to promote with remarkable and engaging content.

We love you as much as you love our works.

Our work is our passion, nurtured with care and high regards for details.

While its achievement fulfills us deeply with joy, a well deserved acknowledgement is never a bad thing!

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A talented team

— of master storytellers.

The power of collaboration is what makes a story beautiful and relevant.

Nerdo Studio - Lorenzo Levrero
Lorenzo Levrero
— Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director
Nerdo Studio - Alessandro Durando
Alessandro Durando
— Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director
Nerdo Studio - Daniele Gavatorta
Daniele Gavatorta
— Executive Creative Director & Partner
Nerdo Studio - Diego Pizziconi
Diego Pizziconi
— Executive Producer & Partner
Letizia Saponaro
— Producer
Nerdo Studio - Dalila Rovazzani
Dalila Rovazzani
— Senior Animator & Illustrator
Nerdo Studio - Giacomo D'ancona
Giacomo D'Ancona
— Animator & Illustrator
Nerdo Studio - Giulia Manna
Giulia Manna
— Animator
Nerdo Studio - Francesca De Toni
Francesca De Toni
— Animator
Diletta Scaruffi
— Motion designer

Are you an innovator and resourceful visual storyteller?
This is the place for you.

— Careers

We are always looking for unique and passionate new people who are willing to share their talent with us.
Our workplace is a stress-free environment and, while we take our work very seriously, our first goal is to have fun doing it!
Our creative environment is a relaxed and productive happy place.

As an intern, freelance or a full-time designer, you can enjoy all of this too, and you can be an inestimable part of our production dream team.

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